The complete L-Flame Kit

May we introduce to you

The L-Flame

The impressive L-Flame is our tallest available flame.

It can reach up to an incredible 50 feet height. With the optional G1.3 nozzle you can reduce flame heights and play with the effect size.

The pump station connects with up to 3 Flame heads to create even more unforgettable fire effects on your event.

With our complete L-Flame kit, we will supply you with the entire set of devices accessories and add-ons that you need, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What is included in the Kit:

  • 1 Pump Station
  • 3 Flame Heads w/ Wireless Module
  • 3 Hoses and cables set (25 m) to connect Pump Station and Flame Heads
  • 3 Truss mounting plates for the Flame Heads
  • 2 Magnetic pens with Lanyard
  • 1 Emergency Off Bridge to operate the device without an E-Stop being connected
  • 1 drain hose
  • 1 User manual for the L-Flame system

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Whatever it is you are planning – let us make your event unforgettable.