galaxis - G-Flame - Flame projector - Side view
galaxis - G-Flame


  • Very versatile usage due to various control inputs: DMX, 12-24V, ext. contact, radio and RS485
  • Do not need to be plugged in thanks to the integrated battery solution with up to 60 hour stand-by time
  • Extremely weatherproof, can be used even in heavy rain without issue
  • Operation with aerosol canisters, propane tanks, or forklift tanks possible
  • Fuel canisters are completely encased in the housing and therefore well-protected
  • Canister holder comes with non-return valves
  • All components are equipped with quick couplers for extremely easy assembly
  • Fully self-contained operation if the optional Advanced wireless module or wireless DMX receivers are used
  • Integrated fine filter prevents leakage of solenoid valves
  • Equipped with two solenoid valves connected in series for added safety
  • Electronic flame monitoring by means of ionization measurement
  • Equipped with tilt sensor
  • Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced and USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and remote data requests
  • Prepared for quick mounting on stands and truss elements
  • Illuminated text display with convenient menu navigation
  • Visual warning when armed
  • Programmable fireball effect
  • Fast step sequences possible because the flame extinguishes within a short time after closing the solenoid valves, even during canister operation
  • Canister holder (two canisters) with non-return valves and fuel shut-off valves
  • Quick coupler and XXL nozzle for gas canisters
  • Charger
Application fieldsIndoor, Outdoor and SFX
Autarkic operationYes, with wireless option or wireless DMX
Fuels– LPG propane/butane gas in bottles with 5/11/33 kg**
– 1 or 2 gas cartridges bottles with 600 ml*
– 1 or 2 aerosol cartridges with 500 ml*
Fuel cartridges integrated in the deviceYes, hidden under the cover sheet of the housing and
not visible from outside
Flame heightapprox. 2.5 to 8.0 m depending on operation mode and nozzle
Adjustable flame heightYes, with nozzle size, fuel pressure regulator* or shut-off valves*
IgnitionElectrical high power arc
Two magnetic valves for double safetyYes, installed in series
MicrofilterYes, largely prevents that foreign particles enter the system which
could cause leakages of the valves
Flame monitoringYes, by measuring the ionization, user can disable this function
Quick couplersYes
Connectors for gas cartridgesYes, 2 pc.*
Fuel shut-off valves for cartridgesYes, 2 pc.*
Non-return valvesYes, 2 pc.*
Tilt sensorYes, 45°, user can disable this function
Control inputs– Wireless control option together with PFC Advanced
Emergency off inputYes, XLR 3-pole
Free assignment of DMX channelsYes, control and safety channel can be freely assigned
Integrated power supply for wireless DMX devicesYes
DisplayLCD, 2 lines with 16 characters each
Display backlightYes
Menu navigation, languagesYes: German / English
Optical warning signal if armedYes
Power supplyHigh capacity rechargeable battery:
Charging voltage and current18 V DC, max. 400 mA
Battery test functionsYes,
Charging level 0…99%,
Power 0…99%,
both in increments of 5%
Battery capacity meteringYes, in mAh and %
Operation time60 h continuous stand-by; permanent operation is possible if the
device is being charged all the time
Included in deliveryCharging unit, Magnetic pen, /*
Available accessoriesa) Cartridge Option*:
“Twin cartridge holder with 2 shut-off valves and 2 non-return valves,
one nozzle for gas cartridge usage for an effect height of
3 m to
Prepared for the fast and easy mounting on truss elementsYes, 3-5p omin (tS a, nMd, 4L-,p XoLin, tX (X30L0)” mm), including safety eye
Prepared for the mounting on light and speaker standsYes
HousingAluminum with durable powder coating in matte black color
Moisture protected electronic circuitsYes
Usage in heavy rainfall possibleYes
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Dimensions300 x 300 x 350 mm
Net weight10.50 kg

Features if wireless option is used together with Controller PFC Advanced or USB wireless modem PFM Advanced:

Number of radio channels (Frequencies)70 (USA version: 360)
User selectable radio channelsYes
Flame duration programmable for each firing cueYes, in the range of 0.1 to 25.0 s
Atomic Effect (Ignition delay)Yes, in the range of 0.1 to 0.7 s
Step functionYes, in the range of 0.01 to 99.99 s
Bi-directional featuresRemote checks of:
– Battery charging level and battery power in percent, device being charged Yes/No
– Number of deep discharges
– Tilt switch on/off
– Status of the tilt switch
– Flame monitoring on/off
– Hazard zone and its status
– Range test results in percent
– Interfering signal strength in percent
– Radio interference
Remote programming of:
– Firing cues, delays, Atomic Effect
– Hazard Zones
– Radio frequency
Radio rangeup to 800 m / 2,000 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m² / 12,500,000 m²
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99%
Wireless option fully integrated in the housingYes
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices
Command: Firing Mode OffYes
Cable control via PFC AdvancedYes, RS485

Q: What fuel setups are available?
A: Hoses and adaptors are available so the units can be used with gas phase or liquid phase propane
Q: Can I use the units wirelessly?
A: Wireless operation is possible with Galaxis Wireless Module & Galaxis firing system, wireless DMX receivers, or other wireless systems using 12-24V firing .

  • Wireless Advanced Module
  • Horizontal Flamebar 2 meter
  • G-Flame Power Upgrade (from 2 to 4 canisters)
  • Assorted nozzles that can set flame height from approximately 3 to 8 meters.
  • High pressure LPG Hose 5 meters (liquid phase)
  • Gas canisters