PFC Advanced Black Edition

galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - Wireless Controller for Pyrotechnics - Front with Remote
galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - with Remote
galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - Front
galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - Remote
galaxis - PFC Advanced Black Edition - Back

PFC Advanced Black Edition

  • Wireless Controller for Pyrotechnics
  • (100% waterproof (Standard IP65, if breather is replaced with a sealed screw IP67)
  • Water and dustproof membrane keypad
  • Extremely robust housing, milled from a solid aluminum block
  • Touchscreen is easy-to-read in all environmental and light conditions
  • Graphical, multilingual menu with icons and plaintext
  • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • Interfaces: SMPTE Timecode, DMX512, USB, RS485 and RS232
  • All important device data from Advanced series receivers can be checked and programme remotely (bi-directional communication)
  • Remote Switch Off, Sleep Mode and Wake-Up of Advanced receivers
  • Compatible with all other Galaxis devices
  • Fires an unlimited number of e-matches simultaneously
  • Fires up to 10 million independent effects

1 Charger
1 Standard antenna
2 Magnetic pens

Firing cues999
Operation time6 h
Acoustic signalsYes
All parameters adjustable at the deviceYes
Number of effects: simultaneouslyunlimited
Number of effects: independent10 Million
Spare channelsYes
Housingvery robust alu.- housing, milled from a solid block of aluminum
Watertightnesswaterproof, IP65 / IP67
Monitoring the humidity in the deviceYes
Manual firing modeYes
Automatic firing modeYes
No PC system required for all firing modesYes
External firing inputYes
Stop, Pause, Next in automatic firing modeYes
Inhibit function in automatic firing modeYes
SMPTE-Interface (Timecode)Yes
Charging unit (included in delivery)Yes
Charging indicatorYes
Script download from Composer (PC)Yes, USB
Display of effect description (Infotext)Yes
Archive firing scriptsYes
Radio rangeup to 800 m / 2,000 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m² / 12,500,000 m²
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator monitoringYes
Accumulator typesealed lead acid battery 12 V, 2 Ah
Independent from mains supplyYes
External power supply with 12 VDCYes
Dimensions250 x 195 x 67 mm
Net weight3,700 g
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Multilingual menuYes: German, English, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
LCD display with LED backlightYes, large touch-screen display
Indicatorsdisplay und LEDs red / green
Soft keys (depending on the menu situation)Yes
Additional safety featuresmagnetic pen for firing mode, dead man’s switch
Radio modulesfully integrated
RF Amplifieroptionally for clients in the USA, operation prohibited in many other countries
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices

Q: Can I program cues and scripts from the device or is separate software mandatory?
A: All Advanced series devices can be inspected and programmed from the PFC Advanced units.
Scripts can be built on and saved to the PFC Advanced units.

Q: Does the Black Edition have more features?
A: The differences between the two editions are in their construction. The Black Edition is waterproof and the housing is made from milled aluminum which makes it a good fit for extreme conditions.
Some bespoke cables with specialized connections are required because of the waterproof construction.

  • DMX Firing Mode
  • Connection cable USB
  • Connection cable SMPTE
  • Connection cable DMX
  • DMX/Charge Split Box
  • Zarges case